Mr. Ravi Sharma (Founder of Life and Meditation)

This is Ravi Sharma. Let me share a few personal details about myself with everybody.

Ravi Sharma was born and brought up in the city of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Jhansi has been famous for the historicity of its Rani during the First War of Independence in the year 1857. The existing fort of Jhansi is the evidence of the various battles that have been fought with great valour and courage during her times.

Pandit Ravi Sharma feels privileged and fortunate to have acquired the spiritual powers of the Almighty from the earlier days of his childhood. His belief is that God is omnipresent (all-pervading) and omniscient (all-knowing). He is the saviour of our destiny and knows all about our deeds and actions. Pandit Ravi Sharma holds a firm belief that if we have faith and trust in the Almighty, He helps us all the way during our lifetime, and even there after! We as human beings need to be patient in our understanding and perspective during our various ups and downs in life. We should also inculcate a habit of remembering Him during our crises times. Having a firm belief in Him, gives us pleasure, strength, courage, and endurance Besides gaining all the positive attributes, it also teaches and imbibes in us the virtue of having trust in our own selves, which is of utmost importance.

Since, Pandit Ravi Sharma was pretty keen to learn and understand more and more about the spiritual powers of the Almighty, at one point in time during my childhood, he decided to leave home to become the disciple of the Indian mystic 'Osho'. He spent five years of his life as Osho's disciple and learnt about the various ways of meditation, face and voice reading, palmistry, hand-writing analysis and 'kundli' reading. With Osho's inspirable teaching, Pandit Ravi Sharma has become a specialist in all these different fields. Later during his growing years, Ravi Sharma started to spread the teachings of Osho and also started serving the society free of cost for many continuous years. Till date, he has helped millions of people through various means by using the social networking sites, hearing and resolving the issues on FM Radio (92.7 FM) and the conversations and debates in the local news channel stations. When he started serving people in such a manner, Pandit Ravi Sharma came to be known as Swami Satyanand. Under this name, he took 'Bramhacharya Diksha' from the year 1990 till the time he got married on 30th November, 2010.

Further, Pandit Ravi Sharma has attended numerous conferences and projects on astrology across India and has conducted around 1,100 meditation camps all over the country, wherein each camp lasted for 3 days. Over the due course of time, he has developed 501 meditation tricks to help people reduce the stress levels.

Besides his spiritual learning discourses through his life, Pandit Ravi Sharma has taken graduation and post-graduation degrees in BAMS, BCA, and MBA, and had also taken an ITI diploma in Machinist (Operator). With all of this, he is also running a non-commercial NGO by the name of 'Life and Meditation' since a number of years. Along with this, he is also the Project Head of the NGO by the name 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam'. He has also worked as a senior branch manager for five years at Bajaj Allianz and is presently working with Aviva Life. His routine is to assist people who are in need of any help and his effort is to show them the path from his learning. He really feels happy and contended in doing this on regular basis.

While serving people around him, he has formed many groups through social networks like WhatsApp, wherein they discuss common issues and evaluate their remedies using astrology. In such groups, people are able to share their thoughts/messages on life and meditation. By doing this, he is able to create a group of friends who want and have the urge to know and learn about 'Life and Meditation'.

He has also helped more than 1,500 disciples in seeking 'Diksha', who have now become registered disciples with him which means he has taken the complete responsibility of keeping life-time connectivity with these disciples and also serves in providing astrological solutions to their problems throughout my life.

Since last 22 years, he has been working on his dream project, 'Zorba––the Buddha'. The main objective of the project is to develop and teach such meditation tricks to the society, which people can do during their work routines i.e. no special or extra time is required to do meditation; people can meditate anytime during their daily routine. This is a pretty new concept in meditation and has been widely liked and acclaimed by the people who have been practicing this with Pandit Ravi Sharma for many years.

Through his years of efforts, he has lived and would love to continue living his life with the sole objective of serving the society by teaching and learning through mediation as much he can. He has vouched to lead the remaining life in order to the mankind with the sole aim of making the individuals and society live a peaceful and stress-free life.

Now-a-days his friends call him 'RAVI MAHARAJ' and it gives him more enthusiasm to serve the motto of his life:

"Stay Happy & Stay Stress-free"

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